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The little cloud who wouldn’t rain

Once upon a time there was a cloud. She wasn’t a big cloud and she wasn’t really a small cloud. She was a nice medium cloud who lived in a herd of clouds. Cloud had a problem or at least the other clouds thought so. Cloud wouldn’t rain. Day after day cloud went along in the herd of clouds and while the other clouds were dropping their rain and throwing thunder and lightning at each other in their day games, Cloud would not.

This made the Head Cloud very angry. Cloud was not doing what she was supposed to do. This was not right or good. All his clouds should behave themselves and not make trouble. So he went to Cloud.

“Cloud, what’s our job?” he asked.

“To rain where it is needed and wanted.’ Replied Cloud calmly.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOO!” thundered the Head Cloud. “We rain when we hit a mountain range. We rain when we group together and we rain when I say so!” The Head Cloud moved ponderously away looking blacker every moment.

Cloud had a feeling there was a really big storm coming but it really didn’t matter because she wasn’t going to rain here and he could yell all he wanted. “We rained here yesterday and they don’t need it here. It rained too much as it was and people were still cleaning up.”

They had rudely gotten shoved up against a mountain by a Hurricane and that made the Head Cloud mad so he rained and he had rained hard. Cloud thought they should only rain when and where it was needed but she was the only one that thought that way and sometimes that was lonely. She thought if she could just get over the mountain where it almost never rained she would do it but she would have to break free and that was hard for a cloud. Clouds tend to stick together.
This continued on for many days. And the Head Cloud thundered at her more and more. He just couldn’t understand that she had to do it just right. But one day the Hurricane blew again and Cloud decided she would try and get to the edge ahead of the group. Maybe she could get away.

They were being pushed faster and faster and the cloud was getting heavier and heavier as she picked up moisture the closer she got to the front of the cloud bank. She… needed… to… hold…on…just … a …little… longer…. And with one final shove from the Hurricane and the bank of clouds behind her she was free and roaring down the other side of the mountain. “Whhhhhhhhhhheeeee!”.
She was freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Now what? The other side of the mountain was barren. No one seemed to live here. It was the perfect place to rain but something was happening. It was hot here and she was beginning to feel lighter. “Uh oh!” She needed to rain and she needed to rain now!
And she tried and she tried but she could feel the heat from below making the water leave her but she could hear a noise behind her. And it was getting louder so she looked back the way she had come and the cloud bank was coming over the mountain! And some of her friends were leading the way racing down the mountain to join her.

And the more the clouds came, the more cool it got and less water left the cloud. When they were finally all around her the cloud was happy. She had missed them and not even known it. The Head Cloud caught up with her.

“Now will you rain?” he roared. As he looked around at the sand and spindly cactus and a lone flock of sheep that if you looked just right looked an awful lot like those clouds.

“Yes!” and she started to rain. She rained on the desert that was so dry and she watched something happen below. It was magic. Almost immediately pools appeared and she saw a tortoise find it. And then in the blink of an eye flowers and grass appeared. This made the sheep happy and because it cooled the shepherd, he was happy too. The little cloud was ecstatic. This was how it was supposed to be. She decided no matter how the Head Cloud thundered at her, she was only going to rain where she was needed.   

And that is why on some spring days if you live in a desert you see one lone medium size cloud. She’s looking to go where she is needed but look quickly because the rest of the clouds might be right behind her.

Day 22 Every day life: Social Justice and Peace 30 days of Druidry

I’m skipping ahead on the topics because the news right now is sticking in my craw. The Celtic peoples may have been violent in some ways but the people who descended from those peoples are also the ones who wrote documents like the Oath of Arboath and the Declaration of Independence in this country. A lot of Scots were signatories to that document advocating fairness to all people even if it’s taken over 200 years to manifest to women and minorities.


Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 60’s, maybe it’s because I’m a Girl Scout and was a Camp Fire Girl and still follow the Promise the Law and the CFG rule. Maybe it’s just in my DNA but the concept of all being equal and not seeking to take another’s hard won rights and innate humanity away and for the rights of nature and the Earth makes me go into warrior mode but working for change is important to me.


I was born of many generations of warrior peoples. My ancestors were Vikings and feisty Highlanders. When they got to this country (Sometimes sent her for making too much trouble at home.) they fought in the Revolutionary War and according to my dad, both sides of the Civil War as well as risking their lives as Abolitionists. My Maternal Grandfather was a pilot for his new country in World War I and then in the SeaBees in WWII. My dad and his two brothers fought in the Army and the Navy in WWII and mom’s brother was a Navy Pilot in the same war. My grandmother was a suffragette as well as telling tales of brave Highlanders fighting what they saw as injustice by the English and kept traditions alive in the family even when it was illegal to speak the language, wear a kilt or play a bagpipe.


All of that I’m afraid made me a fighter. It’s why I marched in protest marches for women’s rights and gay rights and before the Iraq war started. Right now I’m feeling fighting mad about what is happening to women and children in the Middle East. Why is one Israeli soldier worth more than children at a UN school running out on a playground in Gaza? Why do they have to die for another nation’s selfishness? Why can’t they live on the land that has been theirs for millennia? Why are they worth less to the world because they don’t believe in same belief system as the Israelis? They have the same God and some of the same prophets and the same scriptures and the same genetic coding. But I suppose that could be said of the Northern Irish and Ireland too? Why? Some things are worth fighting for and some things are not. Things that kill the innocent are not worth it and wrong. Just like it’s wrong when others of that faith seize girls of another in Africa, why is no one fighting for those girls?


One child should not have their best friend standing next to them murdered in a second. It’s wrong and can never be right. That land has been soaked in the blood of innocents far too long and this is just ensuring that the next generation is bathed in hate.


I doubt very much is women ran the world that there would be as much war. Every woman knows that everyone is someone’s baby. We need to protect all the world’s children. Not just some, why don’t we? Why do we hate? Why do seek to hurt someone else’s daughter or son? Why is it right in any world? Isn’t the only thing worth fighting for protecting all children from the mistakes of their elders? Instead of teaching them to hate when they grow up and wield religious symbols as weapons.


The world has always been this way according to written history. From the time when a people decided it was okay for their god to deal death to the first born children of another people to now where they are again dealing death to children who inconveniently live on the same land. It needs to stop just like it has to stop in the Ukraine where it’s being decided by who speaks Russian or not? Or in Nigeria on whether you are a female child of another religion or not? Or Uganda on whether you are gay or not egged on by American Christian missionaries? Or in Pakistan where grown men think it’s alright to shoot school girls who want to learn to read and think for themselves? Or in Turkey where women aren’t supposed to laugh in public, one of the most beautiful sounds in the world? Or here where women’s ability to decide what is right for their own bodies is slowly being taken away by the members of one religious set of practices? Or here in the land of free speech and books are being banned because one set of people don’t agree?

Why can’t we live in a world where all children can grow up equal, loved and in peace?