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Beloved dead – Laura Janesdaughter – Hieromum, Arch Priestess, Arch Druidess.

This the slideshow of our beloved Hieromum. We were her witches, her priestesses and her druids. I will never be able to thank her for all she did for me.

And here are some examples of ritual photography like I wrote about yesterday.

Beloved dead – The AIDS Quilt – too many friends to count



I’m standing by my brother’s first partner’s square on the Quilt. This was the last time the entire quilt could be laid out in one place. It was at the lawn of the Pasadena Rose Bowl.  I was a monitor every day it was there. I was honoured to do it.

We were assigned squares to watch over with our handy big box of Kleenex. We folded every night and unfolded it every morning. It was a hard weekend but well worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Beloved dead – The grandmother and uncle I never met


This is my dad’s mother, Nola and my Uncle Frank, my dad’s oldest brother. My grandmother died not too long after giving birth to her youngest son, Robert and yes, that’s a bit redundant to be Robert Robb. She was weakened in the 1917 flu epidemic.

My uncle was a Lt Commander in the Navy but died at a family Bbq plugging it in on green cement. Hint: don’t plug things in on uncured cement.