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Nine of Wands

When nearing the heart of a sacred quest, motivation and integrity of human desires are challenged. Ancient wisdom demands the seeker be humble and forgiving.

Approach a sacred place or a sensitive person with consideration and honour. Respect the need for privacy.

Ensure your own boundaries are protected, respect the value of your own space.

Today’s reading



Seven of Wands

A time to make decisions and priorities. Focus on what you really need in your life and what it is timely to cut away. Regrowth is fertilized by the ability to utilize.

…cutting down dead wood, and pruning to enable better future growth.

It is time to take action in order to clear outworn modes of behaviour from areas of your life.

A clarification, a paring down of intention.

The fire purifies negativity, transforming the energy.

Today’s reading



Ace of Stones

The primal rock from which all can be measured. Cup and ring = emergence of life.

A still and stable point from which to plan and measure your life.

Mythically the foundation stone means the first dry land on which life could begin. Also the first created form, matter, the mother stone, the firm ground from which one can begin one’s journey and measure the eight directions, the birthing ground, the navel stone.

The Labyrinth is the place where your journey begins; the first steps; the cup and ring marks represent the source, your emergence into this world.

A new stability enters your life.

Today’s reading


Eight of Wands

Hope leading to the attainment of innermost dreams and desires. Fuelling your soul with the belief in yourself and natural justice.

A coming together of the wishes, and intentions laid down earlier in the year.

An energised harvest that creates the warmth of regeneration. Happiness of the home, and visits of friends to your hearth in the winter. Generating a warmth at the heart of ones life.

Today’s reading


Seven of Cups

A time to honour what is dead, to mourn for what has gone and to learn the lesson of letting go, offering thanks for memories and being at peace with the past

Ancestors remembered.

… a reminder of rebirth. Grief and mourning for a loss in one’s life. Necessary emotional release. An honouring and a respect for that death.

Today’s reading



Six of Arrows

Travelling or movement toward new possibilities or cycles, possibly within yourself.

Possibly an anxious or testing time, but harnessing positive energies will add momentum.

You have turned your back on one phase of your life, and head towards a homecoming of the soul.

Travel. Moving home. An emotional retreat.

Today’s reading




Three of Stones

An artist listens to the inner voice and hears the windsong of the universe. The courage, freedom and skill that allow the artist to mediate this energy must be refined.

Two stone pillars representing the primal gateway of dual energies, … bridged by a third, creating an environment in which an artist stands inspired but grounded, a mediator, alive and radiant.