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Solstice Ritual

We had the best ritual last night. It was supposed rain and we were competing with at least two other big rituals so the crowd was small but it was nice. I always lead the singing and I think it was the best group for singing we have ever had and I’ve been doing this for at least 10 years now. They sounded wonderful. It made my little heart happy.

We have our ritual at the Unitarian Church and they had decorated it beautifully. Before the ritual we had met the gentleman in charge of the high school group at the church and he was getting ready to put the kids Christmas pageant on and he was labeling the costume bags. I have no idea what they are doing but the costume bags alone are going to make it interesting. He had bags labeled Romans, More Romans, Jesus (pick one robe), English people ( Lord of misrule) Yule Celebrators, Scrooge and Tiny Tim and Queen Victoria. I have no idea how those are going to go together but it amused the hell out of me.

Ritual wasn’t long. It was just the perfect length. Corners, a welcome, Lucina lighing her crown and having every one light their candle, The Spirit of Darkness speaking about her role and asking people to think about the things they need to leave to the dark and then The Spirit of Light talking about lights within and asking them to think about things that need to grow in the light. Then they were supposed to write them down and we went out to the girls, (2 huge cauldrons) and burned them and sang some more. and that pretty much was it with food and conviviality following.

I was the Spirit of Light. For some reason from the very beginning I got it into my head that it was the Child of Light and Friday’s somehow solidified it. I had a whole thing planned and Friday blew it all away and then I got there last night and it all changed again. And to be truthful I have no clue pretty much what I did say except that if felt right and people seemed to respond to it positively. I know I said something about knowing the difference between dark and light and what that can mean because I was born blind. And I was asked about that afterward and I know I said something about the children who were killed were now lights in the sky and that their light continues, I think but anything else, nope.

We only had one bad spot. One person that came that I wish really wouldn’t and I’m afraid I was ungracious to say the least. She is someone who has no clue how she affects people and one of those people who you try to your best to get away from and you try to rescue anybody caught in her clutches. She is one of those people who is a psychic vampire and will go up to people, often the people she perceives to be “weak” in some way and tell you she can help you because she’s had some sort of vision and then proceed to tell you whatever it is she thinks you need to fix and volunteer to “help” you. It can leave the unprepared who don’t know her left in a puddle but there wasn’t any one for her to glom on to last night so she started on me with a fake compliment on leading the singing and then to allegedly tell me the history of one of the songs I lead and imply she was some how responsible for the song being spread and when I corrected her she got really mad and to avoid telling her exactly what I thought of her I told her she was incorrect and walked off. I happened to know a little bit about the song because I always try to know where things came from and This Little Light of Mine was written 1920 not in the 50’s in a church of Religious Science and it’s treated pretty much as a spiritual. Anyway she told one of my sister priestesses she thought I was rude for blowing her off. It was that or I was going to verbally eviserate her for her behaviour past and present. She’s gone after good friends before I it infuriates me.

I guess she came last night to try and join the group because she thought the Heiromum wouldn’t be there so we would fall for her happy horseshit. She wants badly to join the group because she perceives us as having status and she seems always trying to raise hers by making herself “helpful.” She may be blond but she is anything but a spirit of light like my sister priestess are most of the time. But we had a great time, excluding her. She had tried to get at me before ritual and I ignored her then too and I’m glad I did.

Anyone who approaches a priestess before a ritual with that kind of attitude needs to be taken out and spanked and is proving her insensitivity as far as I’m concerned. You can do a little chit chat before but if you are getting ready to do ritual you are usually wide open and that kind of psychic energy telegraphs itself a mile off with a warning placard saying “DANGER!”.

I’m sorry she’s unhappy with us but not sorry we leave her alone. She told poor A that she badly wanted to help us and join us but no one ever returns her calls. And we are never going to and she better hope no one ever does because she will hear things about herself she will not like. She had a very nice friend with her I felt sorry for and I wondered how badly she was going to need help after her exposure to the Blond.

But it was a lovely night and we missed the Heiromum badly but it went off with out any hitches and the energy minus one dark hole was wonderful and I got home before it started to rain. It takes about an hour at that time of night with less traffic.

Public ritual is always a crapshoot but when it goes well it’s lovely.

I got home wired from the ritual and the driving and it took until after midnight to ground enough to sleep. Now I is a sleepy bunny and we have tickets to the 2d version of the Hobbit so I hopefully won’t get sick.

Say my name that I may live! a prayer

For those gone too soon:

I give thanks for those who have gone beyond the veil.

Say my name that I may live!

I give thanks that they have touched my life

Say my name that I may live!

I remember the beauty of a face

Say my name that I may live!

I remember that they laughed

Say my name that I may live!

I remember that they cried

Say my name that I may live!

I remember that they were afraid

Say my name that I may live!

I remember that they were brave

Say my name that I may live!

I remember their smile

Say my name that I may live!

I remember the good about them

Say my name that I may live!

I remember their love

Say my name that I may live!

I remember them!

Say my name that I may live!

A review of the Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey – includes spoilers and a hissy fit

We went to the Hobbit yesterday, partly because we are huge fans of Tolkien and the way Peter Jackson handled LOTR and partly for a distraction from bad news. I wished we hadn’t. I can’t say I hated it but any resemblance between a good share of the book and the movie is purely coincidental. When it says “based on” they aren’t kidding. I’m so disappointed.

I knew I was in trouble from the moment the dwarves started arriving. Tolkien distinguished them by coloured hoods. Good luck doing that here. You get to the end of the movie and you’re still going, “which one was Ori or Dori or Nori? Was that Bifur of Bofur?”

In the book Thorin and Balin and older dwarves were out hunting and that is why they survived when Smaug came. They were not the great heroes of the battle as in the movie just so Peter Jackson could have a cameo as a fighting dwarf.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great action movie but if you are going to see the Hobbit? It isn’t the Hobbit. Galadriel, Saruman are not even in the book. So throw that whole scene out. There are no Orcs in the Hobbit. There are only Goblins and there are what Tolkien called the Wild Wolves but not Wargs.

There is no Necromancer. Radoghast is only mentioned as being Gandalf’s brother. He never appears in the story. I did like his giant sled bunnies.

The King of the Eagles and the eagles speak and have a much bigger part in the book and he later becomes the King of all birds.

The goblins and the wolves set the fire in the book not Gandalf which seems a little stupid and rather like the cartoon scenes when some stupid cartoon character cuts the branch off they are sitting on.

The Ice Giants made Alison and I turn to each other and whisper Rock ‘m Sock ‘m Robots to each other. That takes you right out of the scene.

I guess the sound and Foley guys decided to get silly during the flight from the goblins because I heard a car screetching its brakes, a cat yowling and a siren and those are the ones I caught after I started listening for weird sounds.

They re-wrote the troll scene since in the book that is the first time they give their Burglar a job – to see what the light is.

Poor Alison, fell in love with Balin and when we watched Fellowship last night she was heartbroken to find out he was the one that died in the Mines of Moria. Thank heavens, I’d already figured that out before.

Forget it if you want to see singing elves hanging from trees.

So what was I happy about? They did use some of Tolkien’s poetry including the dish washing scene that totally scares Bilbo for the safety of his dishware and cutlery. Howard Shore, as usual did a fantastic job on the music and score. The scenery of New Zealand makes a spectacular Middle Earth. I like Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. I was a fan of his before and he does a great job at being the royal dwarf.

But this was a children’s book and it is not a children’s movie. It is much darker than the book. It isn’t the Hobbit, plain and simple. And I loved Lord of the Rings.

He had better not screw up the character of Beorn in the next movie is all I can say. I love that character in the book and since he totally left out Tom Bombadill and Goldie in LOTR who knows?